Benefits of Dip Nails and FAQ

Let’s be honest the best feeling in the world is having a fresh set of beautiful manicured nails. When it comes to chip free manicure, dip nails are worth a try! Dip nails What is a Dip Nail? Dip nails is a combination of a brushed resin (glue) followed with a powder. A nail technician,… Continue reading Benefits of Dip Nails and FAQ


What about Lash Extensions?

When looking for lash extensions, cheapest is not always your best alternative when dealing with lash extensions. Lash extensions are an investment in yourself and is a repeat service completed regularly. When you first get lash extensions be sure your technician has been properly trained. Also ask how long they have been doing lash extensions… Continue reading What about Lash Extensions?


Best Direction to Face Your Desk

With times changing and more people working from home, you may ask yourself which direction to place my desk, where I should do my work. Studies show getting your kid to do their homework out of their bedroom for higher performance can help. The top 3 places people like to do their work are #1… Continue reading Best Direction to Face Your Desk



angeljana_ / Pixabay Feeling stressed on if you should get your lashes back. Don't worry, with constant cleaning and extra precautions getting lashes now is still an option. Proper cleaning protocols, using Barbacide to clean instruments, extra virus disinfectants, gloves, and masks, worn by client and the administrator can see that your health is taken… Continue reading LASHES DURING COVID